Dependencies for JavaMail



  <!-- JavaMail RI -->
  <!-- JavaMail API -->
  <!-- let it stay as a runtime scoped dependency


[INFO] +- com.sun.mail:javax.mail:jar:1.5.4:runtime
[INFO] |  \- (javax.activation:activation:jar:1.1:compile
              - scope updated from runtime; omitted for duplicate)
[INFO] +- javax.mail:javax.mail-api:jar:1.5.4:compile
[INFO] |  \- javax.activation:activation:jar:1.1:compile
[INFO] +- com.sun.mail:javax.mail:jar:1.5.4:runtime
[INFO] |  \- javax.activation:activation:jar:1.1:runtime
[INFO] +- javax.mail:javax.mail-api:jar:1.5.4:compile

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