Implementing an interface without implementing the interface

Say you have a class looks like this.

 * An encoder encodes like a boss.
 * @author a real boss.
public class BossEncoder {

     * Encodes given {@code decoded} like a boss.
     * @param decoded input bytes to encode
     * @return encoded output bytes.
    public byte[] encode(final byte[] decoded) {
        return decoded; // this is how a boss does his job.

On a fine spring day, you requested to modify the class suitable for following interface.

void apache(org.apache.commons.codec.BinaryEncoder encoder);

No sweat.

public class BossEncoder implements BinaryEncoder {

    public Object encode(final Object object) throws EncoderException {
        // bosses don't care about 'null's.
        return encode((byte[]) object);

    public byte[] encode(final byte[] decoded) throws EncoderException {
        return decoded;

What if you don’t want to implement any 3rd party interfaces? What if you shouldn’t?
Dynamic Proxy Classes comes in rescue.

public class BossEncoderProxy implements InvocationHandler {

    private static final Class<?> BINARY_ENCODER_CLASS;

    static {
        try {
            BINARY_ENCODER_CLASS = Class.forName(
        } catch (ClassNotFoundException cnfe) {
            throw new InstantiationError(cnfe.getMessage());

    public static Object newInstance() {

        return Proxy.newProxyInstance(BINARY_ENCODER_CLASS.getClassLoader(),
                                      new Class<?>[]{BINARY_ENCODER_CLASS},
                                      new BossEncoderProxy());

    protected BossEncoderProxy() {

        this.bossEncoder = new BossEncoder();

    public Object invoke(final Object proxy, final Method method,
                         final Object[] args)
        throws Throwable {

        if ("encode".equals(method.getName())) {
            return bossEncoder.encode((byte[]) args[0]);

        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("unsupported: " + method);

    private final BossEncoder bossEncoder;

Now you can use like this.

final BinaryEncoder binaryEncoder =
    (BinaryEncoder) BossEncoderProxy.newInstance(); // no ClassCastException


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